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At Last! The StreetWise Guide to Buying, Investing and Managing Property in the Philippines that answers your questions

Can A Foreigner Own Property?

Can A Foreigner Sell Property?

How to go about Renting a property?

What are the advantages of a Lease?

How Can I Make Sure I don’t Lose My Shirt?

Oct 2012

Expats and Wannabe Expats, Investors, Retirees, Friends!

Buying, Selling, Renting & Leasing Commercial, Industrial, Rural and Residential Real Estate Anywhere In The World Has Some Trips And Traps For New And Old Alike! The Philippines Is No Different To Anywhere Else!

The global financial crises hasn’t hit the Philippines as hard as it has the USA and elsewhere but it is only a matter of time. I predict that 2010-12will be BIGGER and BETTER than 2009 was for cashed up buyers! If you are cashed up (don’t go anywhere near a local bank for a loan!) and you can leverage the techniques I include in this Property Intelligence Report, then I think you can get a lot of the Philippines for your dollar. Some of the laws have changed and the market has definitely taken some hits and this UPDATED for 2010 edition takes them all into account. If you have previously purchased a copy of the ‘Philippines Property Primer’ then of course this update is yours, FREE.

The StreetWise Philippines Property Primer is written by Perry Gamsby, best selling author of “Philippine Dreams”, “Filipina 101- How To Meet The Filipina Of Your Dreams”, “Filipina 202 – How To Marry And Migrate Your Dream Filipina”, “Making A Living In The Philippines” and many more titles sold around the world to thousands of Philippine-o-Philes just like you!

The Philippines Property Primer is an essential read for any “Kano” even remotely considering buying, selling or renting property in the Philippines! This eBook will save you…

TIME – Over 100 URL links included for instant online transfer to the latest information from government departments, banks, lawyers, real estate agents and more!

EFFORT – Everything you need to know to give yourself a Tertiary Education in the Philippines Property Market is included! This is a primer, not an encyclopaedia but there is more than enough information collected here to graduate to actually property transactions with!

MONEY – The price of the eBook is a tiny fraction of what you will save in FEES, BRIBES, LOST TIME, AIRFARES, TRANSPORTATION, ACCOMMODATION, MEALS and MORE while you learn the HARD LESSONS of doing business in a Third World Country!

HEARTACHE – Get it right first time around by not GETTING IT WRONG! When you find your slice of paradise it might be hard to talk sense to yourself unless you have already programmed your mind with the vital information included in this eBook!

The Philippines property market is unique and much of what you know about the real estate market back home does not apply.

Did you know that many properties are not advertised in any papers or on websites?

It is often a case of driving around looking for signposts

or finding someone to do the leg work for you.

REMEMBER! Perry Gamsby has been there and done that all before. Not only has he purchased, sold and rented properties there but has also worked there, invested, done business, married, migrated and so much more! There are people far more qualified and experienced in the Real Estate Game in the Philippines than Perry, sure! But Perry isn’t trying to sell you anything other than this eBook! And we give a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! No questions asked!


The information contained in the book has the potential to

Save You lots of Time, Money, Effort and Frustration!

Philippines Property Primer UPDATED May 2010 Checked For Currency Oct 2012

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I believe that the Philippines Property Primer is the best place to begin your search for buying, leasing or renting property in the Philippines but we recommend learning as much as you can about the culture and people from as many other sources as you can find. we want to give you access to some other resources!

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While living in the Philippines I have seen so many people get burnt with property. I saw many of the same mistakes being made time and time again and decided there  really is a need for a book written in simple English that will guide people on how to safely purchase, rent or lease property in the Philippines.

Philippines Property Primer is such a guide and the latest in a range of books on various topics of interest to non-Filipinos that visit or live in the Philippines. My books on the Philippines are not like any other book on Filipinas you will find! Why? I am a professional writer and often I am writing about topics I do not have first hand knowledge of so I need to research it and take a 101 on the subject myself.

What makes Philippines Property Primer special is that is that I am writing from my heart about something I lived through everyday for three years and still experience through regular trips back and ongoing involvement online.

Wishing you Every Success

Warm Regards,

Perry Gamsby.

P. S. This is not a dry, do this then do that kind of How-To book. It is designed to be read and enjoyed for the reading as well as for the information it contains. The more you enjoy what you read, the more you will retain and comprehend what you read.

P. P. S. I have a real interest in your success. After you find your piece of the Philippines whether you rent, buy or lease please don’t forget to write me back. I love to hear stories and adventures of how the Philippines has changed peoples lives